Widgetti helps sites move out

from the monitor and into

everyone’s mobile devices,

tagging along all the best technologies


Who is Widgetti

The scope of the Widgetti initiative was to create a new webiste

creation environment within Mall that allows marketing personnel to

create websites, rather than the back-office IT team. The overriding

objective was to allow web pages redesigns to occur in minutes,

rather than in days

What you conceive,

you shall achieve.

Want a unique web development platform that combines

rich application development and content management?

We already have it.

Example Frame

Featured Projects


OnSale is an online retailer focused on delivering amazing deals to consumers for over 10 years. In addition to offering deep discounts for high-end consumer electronics through the OnSale online store, OnSale now offers a daily deals website that helps consumers discover and share great deals on products and services from national brands and local merchants including restaurants, theaters, spas, salons and other services. Through both our daily deals website and online store, OnSale drives significant value for both merchants and consumers.

News and Updates

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    Manila IT Newsletter - Q2 2010

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