1. Widgetti
    Widgetti is Key
    With ToolTwist Mobile Designer, mobile eCommerce websites are becoming a reality.
  2. OnSale
    Coming Soon - OnSale Mobile
    The daily deals site will soon be on everyone's smartphones. Never miss a great deal anymore.
  3. World
    W is for world-class
    All Mall sites will be available in any mobile device. It is the future.

Executive Overview

The demand for smartphones exponentially grows. By the end of 2010, smartphones have already outsold PCs. And there are a very significant number of people who have been independent on smartphones. Users are by the millions. Case in point, Iphone sales continue to rise.

People who are heavy users of smartpones are always on the move. How can we sell to an audience who has more time using their smartphones than their PCs? The strategy is simple.

With the help of open source technologies and ToolTwist Mobile Designer, our IT people can create the most flexible mobile widgets. On the other end, Marketing people can create the best mobile ecommerce sites.

With this strategy, we can reach any mobile user anytime anywhere.