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Tool Twist

A Unique Web Development Platform

Combining rich application development and content management

ToolTwist is a unique web development platform aimed at enter- prise and mid-sized companies that puts control of a company’s websites where it belongs.

ToolTwist allows marketing people to design and build sophisti- cated websites, while still allowing technical guys to do their magic behind the scenes. It is a scalable and cost effective solution that enables the management and optimization of websites and inte- gration with back-end systems.

Sophisticated approval and audit processes ensure management retains control.

Speed Matters

Top e-commerce companies have proven that every millisecond counts. Even a fraction of a second delay can impact sales and reduce customer satisfaction. Even tiny delays have a huge impact. It’s too easy for customers to go elsewhere.

“Half a second delay killed user satisfaction, users really respond to speed ”. – Google VP Marissa Mayer

ToolTwist has a unique approach that produces some of the fastest websites in the world. Most importantly, it does this automatically, without the need for gurus to tweak and rewrite your website. You simply design a page, and the ToolTwist generators do the rest.

Stay Nimble

Web site design should be driven by the people who understand your customers best.

ToolTwist allows marketing and other non-technical people to create and change websites. The ToolTwist Designer® provides a simple pallet and “drag and drop” interface that allows web pages to be painted quickly, and then passed onto management for approval and deployment.

Web sites can be created quickly to address the real time needs of online digital marketing. Landing pages, campaigns and product launches can be quickly reflected in the website.

Adapting websites to match marketing requirements is a breeze.

Business Specific Functionality

Many web design technologies handle varying degrees of generic functionality. However, what do you do if you have specific, unusual requirements for your business? One approach is to have IT guys develop your website, with the result that marketing lose the ability to make day to day changes.

ToolTwist provides a new approach. By allowing the IT guys to cre- ate new functionality as “widgets”, the functionality can be used over and over on different pages and websites – by non-IT people.

Web sites can be created quickly to address the real time needs of online digital marketing. Landing pages, campaigns and product launches can be quickly reflected in the website.

Creating a website with unique functionality no longer mandates handing website design over to IT.


The previous points – super high speed, the ability for non-tech- nical people to quickly create websites, and the need for business specific functionality, are normally at odds with each other. Speed, and specific functionality usually require a high degree of techni- cal skill, however having market-driven website mandates that the website is created by people without technical skills.

This doesn’t need to be a conundrum. ToolTwist allows technical people to create reusable widgets using the ToolTwist Workbench®. Once created, these widgets are loaded into the ToolTwist Designer, where they can be used over and over again by non-technical people to create websites.

This process, along with deployment to your testing and produc- tion environments is managed by the ToolTwist Controller®, which keeps full version control and logging of your development and design efforts.

The result is an unbefore seen of level of reuse of both web design and technical functionality. For more details, see our case studies of how ToolTwist has saved leading companies time and cost.

Content Management

ToolTwist is more than a simple web content management system. While providing all the features you’ve come to expect from an Enterprise CMS, ToolTwist provides configurable coarse and fine grained approval control that spans across departments and user groups.

In addition to content management, the ToolTwist suite manages the full lifecycle of rich application development and deployment.

widgetti main menu Widgetti Easy Setup

ToolTwist Designer®

The ToolTwist Designer is the platform that provides the ability for non- technical people to layout and design websites. It allows a user to:

  • Add widgets created with ToolTwist Workbench® to web pages.
  • Define how widgets are placed on a web page.
  • Define the location of URLs or hyperlinks ”navigation points“ in web pages.
  • ToolTwist Designer tools include:
  • A Widget selector to select widgets for a given web page.
  • A Designer tool to add and position selected widgets on a web page.
  • A Preview tool to view the web page created in designer.
  • An Information tool to present information about how widgets use navigation points in a website.
  • A Navigation tool for defining the hyperlinks used by the HTML web pages created in the Designer tool.
Widgetti Process Chart

ToolTwist Workbench®

The ToolTwist Workbench is where your IT guys work their magic. It is based upon the industry standard Eclipse IDE, and is immediately familiar to most Java developers. An extensive and mature API assists developers with many common tasks and integration with many common technologies and systems. Code generation and validation result in more reliable code than hand written code development environments.

ToolTwist also provides a browser based Workbench that sim- plifies common development tasks, through the use of meta data editors, code generators, and test harnesses. Tasks such as defining database schemas, creating and testing legacy system interfaces, and configuring menus can be performed from this workbench, which integrates with the Eclipse IDE. This work- bench is also used to upload Widgets and other code into the ToolTwist Controller. Once approved, they can then be used while designing pages, and from there they can proceed on into production.

ToolTwist Controller®

The ToolTwist Controller is the watchdog of the production web site. All website changes must be loaded into the ToolTwist Design Vault and pass through QA and approval workflow before they can be deployed on the live site. The Controller automates and streamlines tasks that are usually manual and time consuming, including:

  • Version Control
  • Configuration Management
  • Workflows for QA and Approval
  • Automatic Deployment Scheduling
  • Audit Trail, Logging and Back-tracking